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5/17 Primary Watchlist: Statewide

The five states that will be featured in today’s article are Kentucky, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Idaho, and Oregon. Kentucky polls will fully close at 7:00 EST, North Carolina’s at 7:30 EST, Pennsylvania’s at 8:00 EST, and Oregon’s and Idaho’s at 11:00 EST. Senate All three of Oregon, Kentucky, and Idaho’s Senate races are rated as […]

5/17 Primary Watchlist: House

Introduction As primary season continues to heat up, more and more states come onto the political radar. There are 45 House primaries this week alone. And while a mere handful of those matchups are actually competitive enough to cover, the sheer number of contests merits a single article devoted solely to the nation’s lower chamber. […]

5/10 Primary Roundup

Nebraska Governor Last Tuesday, businessman Jim Pillen secured Nebraska’s Republican gubernatorial nomination, beating Trump-endorsed rival Charles Herbster by just over three percent. This is the first blemish on Trump’s endorsement record, as the Nebraska establishment largely lined up behind Pillen. Herbster’s loss could be attributed to voters being more selective when picking their governor, a […]


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