• The Third Split: An altered look at the 2020 House races

      Preface Each Wednesday we’ll be releasing hypothetical newsletters making use of deeper analysis. We’ve got some pretty amazing model-based pieces planned for the next few weeks, but today we’ll be starting gingerly with a simple what if question: what would the 2020 House Elections have looked like under an R+7 environment. Methods Disclaimer This… Read More

  • The First Split (11/22)

    Welcome to the first split! Split Ticket will be sending out three different newsletters each week to keep up with our commitment to covering a wide variety of content. Each will have a specific theme, with subject matter alternating by the week. Here’s the plan: Mondays (Campaign news and general updates) Wednesday (A deep-dive analytical… Read More

  • Leahy out, Welch in

      A Senatorial Titan Vermont’s elder statesman Patrick Leahy announced his retirement last week. The Democratic Senator was first elected in 1974 in the wake of Watergate. Leahy is the last Senate ‘Watergate Baby’. (The term only applies to Democrats, so Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley is excluded even though he won his House seat in 1974) Leahy is the only… Read More