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We are a group of political and election enthusiasts who first became interested in mapping and modeling elections through a community on Twitter called #ElectionTwitter. In late 2021, Harrison, Armin, and Lakshya decided to create a formal website for their mapping, modeling, and political forecasting work, and in 2022, Leon joined Split Ticket as the fourth partner.

Our focus is on trying to present electoral data in a compelling and easy-to-understand fashion that offers new insight for both the layman and the experienced politicos. We do so by taking a data-driven approach to our articles, ratings, and modeling, and try to be very transparent about all the assumptions and methodological procedures that we follow in creating our work. On election nights, we hold Twitter spaces and call races as well on our official Twitter account (@SplitTicket_).

While we each have our partisan affiliations, we very much try to write in a nonpartisan tone on the website, and we try to protect our predictions from partisan biases to the best degree possible. Harrison is unaffiliated, Lakshya and Armin registered Democrats, and Leon an Independent, and we feel that the diversity of political views on our team helps act as a regularizer.

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You can email us at or DM and follow us on our Twitter.


Harrison Lavelle
I am a political analyst studying Political Science and International Relations at the College of New Jersey. As a co-founder and partner at Split Ticket, I coordinate our House coverage. I write about a variety of electoral topics and produce political maps. Besides elections, my hobbies include music, history, language, fitness, and aviation. 

Lakshya Jain
Hello! I handle our Senate races here at Split Ticket and write modeling and data analysis pieces. I’m a Machine Learning Engineer who analyzes political data in his free time. I went to UC Berkeley (class of 2019 – BA, 2020 – MS), majoring in computer science. My writing has also appeared in Sabato’s Crystal Ball and The Bulwark.

Armin Thomas
I handle modeling, data analysis, and mapping for Split Ticket, and do deep dives on the political trends of specific states and elections. I graduated from Yale in 2021, majoring in Statistics and Data Science.

Leon Sit
For Split Ticket, I’ve generally been charge of rating and writing for gubernatorial elections, but I think my maps and graphics also deserve a mention. I’m a second-year materials engineering student at UCLA, and also a candidate for State Assembly down here in SoCal (district 59, to be specific). Aside of analysis, the campaign trail, and schoolwork, I’m usually out on the fine trails of Orange County.

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